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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Testing & Leak Detection

  • Can the testing pump RP 50-S also be used for filling solar energy plant, for example?

    No, it is technically possible to fill a solar energy plant with the RP 50-S. Due to the low liquid contents of the pump and the low delivery volume per stroke, it is not pratical. The quantity of liquid and the delivery volume per stroke are optimised for testing lines.

  • How does the two valve technology of the RP 50-S work?

    The RP 50-S is fitted with two valve technology. This technology compared to one valve technology has the advantage that the pressure after filling the pipework is not applied to the non-return valve of the pump which can be leaky due to dirt and thus falsify the result of the leak testing. With the two valve technology a stop cock sits inbetween the system to be checked and the non-return valve of the pump through which the system to be checked is hydraulically separated from pump. Faulty test results which can occur due to a dirty non-return valve are therefore excluded. Therefore for pumps which have one valve technology an external manometer must be used for pressure testing. This is not necessary for pumps with two valve technology.

  • How can I test the printer of the ROTEST GW DIGITAL?

    First, switch on the printer. When switching on the printer, hold down the paper feed button. A self-test will then be performed. If this does not occur, switch off the printer again and repeat the procedure. If a self-test is still not performed this time although the batteries still have not been used up, the device is defective.

  • When transferring data from the ROTEST GW DIGITAL to the PC, why does the menu jump directly to “gas pipe”?

    No data is saved to the device, and the EPROM may be damaged.

  • What is the class (tolerance) of the ROTEST GW DIGITAL pressure sensors?

    Class 0.5.

  • Can other ROTEST GW DIGITAL sensors be used with different pressure ranges?

    Yes. You can use sensors for pressures up to 4000 bar. This requires sending in the device to modify the device software. In addition, the hose that will be used for the connection also needs to be identified because our testing hose is not designed for pressures exceeding 10 bar.

  • Which instrument do I need for sewer testing?

    You need a ROTEST GW DIGITAL V2 instrument with wastewater testing technology and house connection testing set.

  • Is it possible to upgrade an old ROTEST GW DIGITAL to the latest version?

    Yes. You can update your old device to the latest version. There are several options for this: 1. Software update: device firmware and RODATA 2.x version. This update also contains wastewater measuring technology. 2. Upgrade the plug-in coupling: brass coupling to stainless steel coupling. 3. Update the software and upgrade plug-in coupling.

  • Why does my ROTEST GW DIGITAL show incorrect values when measuring leakage quantities?

    The leakage quantity pump may have expired. The leakage quantity pump must have a valid inspection seal in order to ensure precise measurements. The leakage quantity pump is valid for one year.

  • How can I connect ROTEST DIGITAL to the PC via USB?

    Use a USB adapter. This requires that you first install the adapter software. Next, install the necessary RODATA version and open the program.

  • There is a problem when transferring data from the ROTEST GW DIGITAL. What can I do?

    The device shows the message “PC link error”. The error and error code are shown on the PC. If the data transfer fails for no apparent reason, remove the 9 V block battery to cut all power sources to the device. Wait at least two minutes so that the EPROM is also voltage-free. Then replace the battery. The device now performs the RESET. Because there are different software versions (e.g. 2.1, ...), the version needs to be identified. The version is shown in the info bar when RODATA is opened.

  • What can I do if the ROTEST GW DIGITAL indicates undervoltage?

    When switching on the unit, “Undervoltage” is displayed. A distinction is generally made before and after device no. 3602 as to which battery has undervoltage. Lithium battery (9-volt block): Replace the battery or connect to the power supply. No battery is required when the unit is connected directly to the supply. Backup battery in the device: If you operate your device with a backup battery, please send the device to: ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge GmbH SERVICE-CENTER Am Hühnerberg 4 D-65779 Kelkheim, GERMANY When working with a power supply: Either the plug of the power supply has not been plugged in properly or there is a problem with the jack on the device. If this is the case, please send your device to: ROTHENBERGER Werkzeuge GmbH SERVICE-CENTER Am Hühnerberg 4 D-65779 Kelkheim, GERMANY

  • How can I clear the memory of the ROTEST GW DIGITAL from the PC?

    Connect the base unit to the PC. Then start the data transfer between the base unit and the PC. After the data transfer is complete, the measurements that have been saved are deleted. If the data transfer does not finish properly, the measurements remain saved in the memory. However, the device must now be sent in for data rescue (the data is rescued by burning the data to a CD). To perform the data rescue from the PC, please e-mail the following files to - Bases.CDX - Headers.CDX - Tables.CDX - Bases.DBF - Headers.DBF - Tabels.DBF - Headers.FPT

  • How do I clear the memory of the ROTEST GW DIGITAL?

    Switch on the device by pressing the “1” and “ON” buttons at the same time. The language selection appears. Press the “Start/Stop” and No “(>)” buttons to select a different language and press “Start” to go to the next step until you are prompted to enter the PIN. After entering the PIN, wait for the self-test and then switch off the device. Now switch on the device again as described above and select the desired language again. The memory has now been cleared. The memory of models V2 and later with the device no. 4000 can be cleared directly from the menu. Note: As described, the memory as well as the cache is cleared any time a device RESET is performed.