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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Bonding-Soldering & Welding

  • Why is the MULTI MOBILE lighter than other soft soldering irons?

    For two reasons, the MULTI MOBILE possesses a combustion chamber made from light and stable titanium and the handle is made from an aluminium casting. The lower weight and the balanced distribution means there is less stress on the user and resulting in a easy use for a longer length of time.

  • What copper pieces are available for the MULTI MOBILE?

    There are two copper pieces to choose from, a 250g copper piece already contained in the scope of delivery 1000000514 (hammer form) and there is also another 245g copper piece 1000000512 (tip form). Due to its shape the latter is suitable difficult to access places.

  • Is the MULTI MOBILE also suitable for overhead work?

    Yes, working above the head is no problem at all due to the special construction of the MULTIGAS 110 cartridge.

  • What temperature can the MULTI MOBILE reach?

    The operating temperature lies around 600°C and is therefore suitable for all soft soldering work.

  • How long does a MULTIGAS 110 gas cartridge last?

    The burning time for a cartridge lies between 1 and 2 hours. The burning time depends on whether the MULTI MOBILE is running at full output continuously (1 hour) or whether the fine regulating valve is closed slightly after reaching the operating temperature.

  • How long does the piezo-ignition for the MULTI MOBILE last?

    The piezo-ignition can be actuated up to 20,000 times.

  • Why are two nozzles delivered with the MULTI MOBILE?

    It is possible for the nozzles to block up over time and for the gas flow to reduce. The blockage can be removed using compressed air. In order to be able to carry on working (for example on the building site), two nozzles were supplied in the set for immediate changeover. The change process is described in detail in the operating module.

  • What is included in the MULTI MOBILE sets?

    The set can be used immediately. It consists of the handle incl. a 250g copper piece (hammer form), 2 MULTIGAS 110 gas cartridges, 2 replacement nozzles, a metal case and an extensive operating manual.

  • Why do I need the MULTI MOBILE?

    The MULTI MOBILE is ideal for mobile building sites and service calls. Since no hose is required the danger of tripping is removed and does not disturb the work. Furthermore, the MULTIGAS 110 gas cartridge replaces a large propane cylinder which does not have to be carried or taken up onto roofs. Furthermore, the titanium combustion chamber and the aluminium handle provide balanced weight distribution and reduces fatigue.

  • What burner inserts are available for the SUPER FIRE 3 and what are they used for?

    SUPER FIRE 3 offered by ROTHENBERGER is a 5-in-1 device. There are five different burner inserts available for numerous applications: o the fine point burner offers a precise, fine soldering flame for soft soldering work. o the standard burner offers a powerful, stable flame and is primarily recommended for soft soldering work and work with a low heat supply. o with 950°C the cyclone burner offers the highest operating temperature and can be used both for hard soldering (up a 28 mm pipe diameter) as well as for soft soldering. Using its swirl flame the flame wraps itself around the pipe and allows even, rapid heating of the soldering point. o the hot air burner is specially used for smaller shrinking work up to 80 mm in diameter or to remove paint. Since it does not have an open flame, the hot air stream is particularly stable in the wind. o for larger shrinking work (up to 300 mm) and for heating, the shrink burner offers a powerful soft flame which is stable in the wind.

  • Is the SUPER FIRE 3 suitable for overhead work?

    Yes, due to the special burner construction the SUPER FIRE 3 is very suitable for overhead work when operating with the MAPP® gas cartridges.

  • What regular checks must I perform on the SUPER FIRE 3?

    Seals are parts subject to wear. Ensure before every use of the SUPER FIRE 3 whether the seal is placed correctly and is in a good condition. The sealing ring is located behind the threads in which you screw in the gas cartridge. If the sealing rings are, for example, brittle, cracked or strongly deformed or even missing, definitely replace them! New seals can be obtained in packs of two from your specialist dealer using the article number 830806.

  • What temperature can the SUPER FIRE 3 reach?

    The operating temperature depends on which of the 5 burner inserts are used: Fine point burner 460°C Standard burner 700°C Cyclone burner 950°C Hot air burner 400°C Shrink burner 720°C

  • How can I combine the cartridge and burner (7/16? EU) of the SUPER FIRE 3 correctly?

    o ensure that there is good room ventilation if you are not working in the open. o open the fine regulating valve by about a quarter of a turn. o hold down the piezo-ignition and screw the cartridge in the burner. o release the piezo-ignition immediately as soon as gas comes out audibly. o now turn the cartridge further. o this ensures that not too much pressure is applied to the seal and the thread is not damaged.

  • How long does the piezo-ignition for the SUPER FIRE 3 last?

    The piezo-ignition can be actuated up to 30,000 times.

  • Why do I need the SUPER FIRE 3?

    The SUPER FIRE 3 is ideal for mobile building sites and service calls. In combination with the MAPP® gas and cyclone burner it achieves flame temperatures of up to 2,400°C without an additional oxygen bottle. A MAPP® gas cartridge allow one to perform hard soldering for up to 2.5 hours. Since no hose is needed there is no tripping hazard and does not disturb the work. The special burner construction allows flicker-free overhead work at any time. Thanks to five different burner inserts it is fitted out for numerous applications. The SUPER FIRE 3 HOT BOX is the ideal servicing box. The flame reflector included in the HOT BOX protects the environment around the soldering point from the direct effect of the flame.